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PVC curtain Plastic Blue Clear, Pvc Curtain or plastic curtain transparent for warehouse, factory, cold storage, hospital etc. This plastic curtain some people call it as PVC Curtain for the width of this plastic Curtain can vary from width from 20 cm to 120 cm tailored to the needs of this plastic curtain. so when want to width 50 cm without any cuts can. not necessarily 20 cm wide all.

PVC Strip curtain flexible door clear has several functions as follows:

1.The plastic curtain to maintain room temperature such as cold storage

PVC Plastic

2.The plastic curtain to reduce pests or air pollutants enter the room

3.The plastic curtain to reduce dust, noise, heat and humidity of the room

4.The plastic curtain facilitate in and out functions for vehicles and people (no need to open the lid)

5. Plastic curtains for easily controlled intercellular sealing Plastic pvc curtains are widely used by coldstorage and industrial warehouses as sound absorbers, hot / cold room temperature retention, dust retention, air humidity and windbreaks for one room. The types:

- PVC plastic curtain standard - PVC curtain Plastic: In addition to the above benefits, this type is more able to withstand collisions of forklift vehicles, trucks, etc. - PVC Strip Curtain Polar Curtain: for room with temperature below -15 celcius. - Pvc yellow / orange plastic curtain: prevents insect entry - PVC dark plastic curtain: for welding chamber shell light emerging from welding apparatus does not disturb the surrounding area - pvc anti static plastic curtain: for static free room - PVC plastic curtain glow in the dark: the door directions when the light goes out.

We accept orders from jakarta, bogor, depok, tangerang, bekasi, cikarang or outside jabodetabek such as Surabaya, tegal, bali, denpasar, medan, aceh, bandung and other cities We sell various variety of PVC Curtain, Transparent and raw material other industries.

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