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Blue PVC Clear blinds cibubur
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curtain PVC Blue Clear cibuburSell ​​Plastic Curtain with the following specifications: A. Yellow Plastic Curtain China - 2mm thick x Width 20cm B. China Clear plastic curtain - 2mm thick x Width 20cm C. Yellow Korse Plastic Curtain - 2mm thick x Width 20cm D. Clear Korse Plastic Curtain - Thickness 2mm x Width 20cm Definition of Plastic Curtain Yellow is yellow while Clear Plastic Curtain is transparent transparent color. In addition to Plastic Curtain 2mm thick x Width 20cm We also provide Plastic Curtain 3mm thick x Width 30cm. The difference between a Chinese Plastic Curtain and a Korse Plastic Curtain is on the thickness of the material. For the Chinese thick Plastic Curtain is more tolerance of the thick Plastic Curtain Curtain really fitting. Besides Plastic Curtain there is a very simple quality (under the others) but we do not recommend it because the Plastic Curtain the material "stick" aka sticky. While everything we sell is not sticky. Plastic blinds are generally used as: A. Room sealing. B. Cold air outlet. C. Anti-patron (Especially for Yellow Plastic Curtain) Generally Plastic Curtain is used in: A. Food Warehouse, Drinking Warehouse, Fruit Warehouse B. AC Room C. Office (Room Semper) For Plastic Curtain easy installation because the system is like the installation of home curtains. Long story short lived in the wall of course by using plastic curtains. We accept the assembly of Plastic Curtain so you do not need to bother cutting, punching, sticking to a small pole. So you just stick the Plastic Curtain to the wall only. We have been handling various PVC Curtain assembly and have been supplying to various consumer both home and company. Among them we have supply are PT Garuda Food, PT Sakumas Jaya, Delizia Bakery, PVC Leather etc.Tirai with Best Price. Immediately contact us any need PVC Curtain. Hospital Curtain Related Products Pvc curtain yellowPVC Plastic

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