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PVC curtain Strips Transparent Bogor
PVC curtain Strips Transparent Bogor
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PVC curtain Transparent strip Bogor Curtain Pvc or transparent plastic curtain for warehouse, factory, cold storage, hospital etc. This plastic curtain some people call it PVC Curtain for the width of this plastic Curtain can vary from width from 20 cm to 120 cm can be adjusted with the needs of this plastic curtain. so when you want to width 50 cm without any cuts can. not necessarily 20 cm wide all. PVC Strip curtain flexible door clear has several functions as follows: 1.The plastic curtain to maintain room temperature such as cold storage 2.The plastic curtain to reduce pest or air pollutant enter the room 3.Tirai plastic to reduce dust, noise, heat and humidity of the room 4.The plastic curtain facilitate the function of in and out of vehicles and people (not necessarily open the lid) 5.Tirai plastic for seal interception easily visible pengawasannya We accept orders from Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, bekasi, cikarang or outside jabodetabek such as Surabaya, tegal, bali, denpasar, medan, aceh, bandung and other cities We sell a wide range of PVC Curtain Curtain, Black, Transparent, yellow, orange, black, blue, white and rubber raw materials and other industrial plastics.

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